Work with Sefry


  • Writing coach


If you have an idea and you want to get it into words, Sefry will help you to get your books done.


  • Products review and sponsored posts


If you have a product (especially on beauty, culinary and travel industry) and you want Sefry to review it on blog and on twitter @sefryanakhairil, Sefry will help you.


  • Writing


If you want to have a published-book and need someone to write it well, Sefry might be your answer.


  • Translating


If you want to translate script, book, or anything (from Indonesian to English or from English to Indonesian), Sefry can help you.


  • Public speaking


Sefry is a frequent speaker on seminars and talkshows around self-development and creative writing.




So, if you have creative projects in mind, let's send email to and let's make it happen!

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