More about Sefry:

Sefryana Khairil is an Indonesian author who is also a translator at TransVision, the one of the largest pay TV in Indonesia and the founder of Lekha Media, a digital publishing house.


Sefry was born in Jakarta on September 29, 1988. She is the first child and has one brother, Valdi Akbar, who also works in creative industry--he is a graphic designer and photographer. 

Sefry attended elementary school at SDN Pondok Kelapa 10 Pagi Jakarta Timur, junior high at SMPN 252 Jakarta Timur, and high school at SMA Islam Panglima Besar Soedirman Bekasi. She was graduated in 2013 as a Bachelor of Literature from State University of Jakarta.

In 2016, Sefry was married to Luki Nurhakim. Now, she live in East Jakarta with her husband.



Sefry loves writing since since was a little kid.  In her teenage years, she began to write fictions. Her short story, Setia, was published by Keren Beken in 2001. It was there her writing career was born.

Sefry published her first novel YOU, when she was 15 years old. The following years, she received a reward as The Best Writer in Cipta Karya Anak Bangsa Writing Competition.


In her sixth novel, Dongeng Semusim, Sefry tried to write something different, about married life. And now she is best known for writing a series of domestic drama novels focusing on the lives of married couple in Indonesia.   

Sefry wrote a novel adaptation of Ari Sihasale's film (by Alenia Pictures Production House), Tanah Air Beta, in 2010. She decided to write it because she loves the story and not only because she had something to give but she also learnt something new about people. 


Out of the love of literary world, in 2013 she founded Nulis Seru with Ardian Syam, Fidriwida, and Robin Wijaya, a writing workshop and online magazine. They want to teach aspiring writers to hone their skill and find their unique style.


From all of her published books, Sefry had always envisioned Almost is Never Enough was the ideal story to be made into a movie, and this dream came true. This novel adaptation movie will be produced by Multivision Plus.


Sefry joined TransVision (sister company of Trans TV and Trans 7) in 2014 as a Translator. She translates EPG synopses and many kind of TV programs (such as documentaries, movies, talkshows, etc.). 


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